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Filing Day in Charlotte - July 14, 2017!!!!

My name is Greg Phipps, and I am honored to serve as the District Four representative on Charlotte City Council!  I'm also pleased and humbled that voters chose me over three other challengers in the Primary on September 12th. With no opposition in the General Election on November 7th, I won BIG and am ready for a third-term on Charlotte City Council.  I am deeply appreciative of your support of my campaign!!!!

It seems like it was just a short time ago that I was celebrating my second-term Council victory back in November 2015. My how time flies!  Because my work on Council is not yet done, I have decided to seek reelection to a third term as  District 4 council member on Charlotte City Council. Simply put, my aim is to showcase the district as a safe and vibrant place to work, play, and raise a family. Respectfully, I ask for your continued support and your vote as I strive to advance the vital projects and initiatives critical to my district constituents, and to the City we all love.  Since moving here nearly 20-years ago, I have demonstrated my passion to lead in ways that predate my time in public service.  After arriving here in January 1998, I was appointed to my District 4 seat seven years later in January 2005 - an opportunity beyond measure.  

District 4 is experiencing rapid growth and is fast becoming the destination of choice for many new residents, corporate relocations, businesses, and students drawn to UNC-Charlotte, a premier research university. The University City area of district 4 is a key economic driver for Charlotte and is critical to North Carolina's commercial vibrancy.  Home to several Fortune 500 companies and global headquarters to many foreign firms, District 4 is uniquely poised to expand economic opportunity while preserving a balanced quality of life.

To manage such growth, I am pleased to have been in the forefront in developing two of the most comprehensive Small Area Development Plans (University City and Prosperity/Hucks) Charlotte has ever produced. Along with the $1.2 billion expanded light rail investment in the district, there are a host of other transportation and neighborhood improvement projects with added millions for roads, sidewalks/paths, greenways and bikeways transforming the district into a more pedestrian-friendly and bikeable community. I’ve personally walked neighborhoods in baking heat collecting signatures for sidewalk petitions, established the first ever “Quiet Zone” in Charlotte along the Norfolk-Southern line at McLean Rd., and threatened with litigation over terminated contracts for road construction.  All in a day's work for an elected official working for a stronger Charlotte!   

Indeed, there are great needs in the district. Police-Community relationships are not where they need to be because of mistrust over police shootings and immigration enforcement practices. Crime is up along tough corridors in the City, and stolen guns are fueling a steady increase in violence among some in the community. There’s too much housing fragility among so much affluence in our City. Good-paying jobs are still too hard to find for many, smothering efforts to allow movement out of poverty. Resolute action steps are being implemented, and my commitment to tackle these issues is unabated.

When re-elected, I will continue to (1) showcase District 4 as a destination for academic research, job creation, business retention and expansion, to promote economic opportunity and upward mobility for all; (2) solidify the district’s quality of life image as a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family; (3) ensure thoughtful execution of district transportation, sidewalk and bike lanes, open space, and growth strategies, including expanded light rail service on time and within budget; (4) seek greater efficiency in City and budget operations to deliver services at reasonable costs to taxpayers; (5) promote positive relationships with our State and Federal elected leaders to move Charlotte forward; and (6) advocate for solid Police-Community trust to strengthen overall public safety initiatives throughout the City of Charlotte.

I realize that my campaign platform is quite ambitious given the two-year term for members of Council. I’m pleased to have made significant progress to move these areas forward, realizing that much more still needs to be done.  And, much more will be done as there are many initiatives, including infrastructure projects, community-based partnerships, more jobs and investments that are in-process.  I have, and will continue to, work for a stronger Charlotte!

Vote Phipps for City Council District 4!!!!

Thank You for electing me to a third-term on
Charlotte City Council!!!!

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